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We are the Data Thieves and this is our mission. Memory gaps are tearing holes in the universe and we are tasked to trace the ghosts of misplaced memories. On earth, memory gaps are intentionally created as one group of people gains power over another. Similarly, we construct our own intimate narratives by choosing to erase some memories while celebrating others. The Data Thieves have learnt that the universe’s subtle balance will only be maintained when all memories are equitably aired.

Travelling through time, we land in public locations to collect and sonically re-master the memories of experts, visitors and the location itself. If you visit us onboard the Sugar Ship you can take part in discussions with leading memory experts, contribute your own misplaced memories to a universal memory bank and watch these memories transformed into a live sonic and text based performance.

Mission // Misplaced Memory is an afrofuturist project using research and performance, sound and visual installation to explore the way personal and collective memories shape each other.